Who is Kermit Jones MD JD?

Treats Patients Like Family

The state of our nation’s healthcare system is very personal for Kermit. Lack of access to or inadequate care, lack of affordable prescription medication, and care that is not individualized to the patient – these are healthcare problems that Kermit witnessed first-hand, not as a doctor, but as a son, when his mother, Barbara Jones, battled lung cancer. 

The problems Kermit observed while his mother, a nurse, fought for her life motivated him to try to fix the problems in our healthcare system. As a doctor, Kermit has worked to ensure all people receive the personal and meaningful medical care that his mother did not. Kermit became a lawyer to make an impact beyond the medical office and advocate for the medical rights of all people and a healthcare system that truly puts patients first.

Kermit has served as a doctor for fifteen years, both as a Navy flight surgeon and as a civilian. He served as a White House fellow in 2012. He is licensed to practice law in California and Pennsylvania. Kermit is dedicated to putting his healthcare expertise to work to help everyone. He believes that no person should be deprived of their basic human right to equal, exceptional, and affordable healthcare.

Small Town Values

Kermit grew up on a small farm in South Haven, Michigan and has never forgotten where he came from.  His values, sense of responsibility, and patriotism were born on that farm. He still carries those values with him today.

This is why he also became a lawyer and member of the California bar. Kermit wants to continue to meet the needs of his community and fight for the policies that will improve all American’s lives.  And he will work with Democrats and Republicans to make healthcare better, improve our economy and make sure our children have a bright future.

He speaks conversational Hindi and Urdu and his favorite past times are hiking in the Sierras, salsa dancing, swimming and boxing.

A Veteran and Happy Father

Dr. Jones served as the Navy Physician for the Marine Helicopter Squadron, HMM-364, the “World Famous Purple Foxes.” They were stationed at Camp Pendleton, California.

Kermit deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq. There, he took care of U.S. servicemembers, Iraqis and other members of the community.

He has treated patients around America as well as in the Middle East and India.

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